Designed and made in Montreal

We transform plastic waste into recyclable design objects and furniture.


Plastic is an incredible material, but it’s been knowingly misused and directed into our ecosystems for the sake of profits.

It’s estimated that only 9% of plastic get recycled.

This is why we have to work together.

Cyrc’s products are circular.
They’re made from recycled plastic, and they’re designed to be recycled again.

We hope you enjoy your product for a long time, but life is full of changes.

When that happens; the return trip for your product is already covered.

Just connect with us and we’ll make the arrangements for the product to return to Cyrc.

This will ensure the plastic is given another life and never ends up in a landfill, incinerated into our air, or pollutes our oceans.

It's time we start doing things right.

collaboration over consumption