Here we will explain the customer how our circular program works and address any questions they might have.

Cyrc's circular program.

Graphic showing how it works.
Has your life change affected the use of your Cyrc product? Don't worry we understand. Now that you don't have use for it, please submit your return request by clicking on the button bellow and we will send you a return label to make sure your product comes back yo us.

What some of our customer wonder.

What happens after Cyrc receives my product back?

When we receive your product we group it with the others made from the same material until to then shred and re-produce new filament or pellets to print new orders.

Do I get any credit when I send my product back?

What should we say about this. Beside mentioning that thanks to sending their products back we make sure that the material does not end in the wrong places. Thank you for being part of our circular community.

How many times can a product be recycled?

Plastic can be recycled several types while keeping its great material properties to be printed. Each Cyrc product has it's own identity and we keep all the information of the material with it. Every time we receive a product we go through it's history and group it with others of it's kind to make sure the material qualities remain intact to give the product another life.